About Us

Our Mission

To provide a reliable and highly personalized system for transcription, authentication, and document distribution. To make doctors more productive and their facilities cost efficient by delivering chart-ready medical records quickly and accurately.

Thank you for the great job your company is doing for us. You have freed a lot of my time and I really appreciate it!

While many companies today seek to reduce costs by moving their operations and transcriptionists off shore, United is focused on improving the bottom line by developing an operationally excellent process. This focus allows United to streamline operations, providing cost effective transcription quickly and accurately using US-based transcriptionists. We are able to pass these savings on to our clients without sacrificing the confidence of having the best staff for their vital information. Our operational model is simple:

  • Understand each customer’s requirements
  • Offer specialized solutions to address needs
  • Keep everything US based and HIPAA/HITECH compliant
  • Deliver our service quickly and accurately
  • Focus on customer service as the key to success

From our humble beginnings in 2002 through today, United Transcription has made a conscious decision to stay close to the customer. The mission of United moving into the future is to embrace innovations and technologies that will allow us to continue to drive down costs, to meet your transcription delivery goals and to constantly improve our standards of service.